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BTK6181WAJJ - WIIIRaihan Praditya
LNI012WIII - WADDAri Novianto
LNI012WIII - WADDMuhammad Hanif Arrafi
LNI1890WARR - WADDBagas Nanda Syuhada
LNI212WIII - WIMMAdnan Yasin
LNI510WIII - WARSAditya Kurniawan

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Pilot of the Month
Novi Arjuna with 61:43 hrs logged last month!

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What is LGV

Lion Air Virtual (LGV) is a Virtual Airline Only for FS2004 (FS9) or FSX platform user & we are not affiliate with real world Lion Air. Simulate real national airlines operating in Indonesia. Since 90th decade, flight simulator fans & anthusiast are growing even bigger each years. We believe Lion Group Virtual will follow his previous and parent virtual airline which is Garuda Indonesia Virtual to be the best option & one of the most success virtual airline ever build.

e use the Integrated PIREP System (IPS) to re-create the real world Lion Air schedules which operates services across Asia, South West &  Middle East. Using our modern airline fleet and GIV ACARs system, booking mode with the timetable & callsign restriction, build-in forum module, gallery module & status indicator, HUB system and daily departure/arrival time operation will provide a new and exciting experience for you.

ost advanced & high realism virtual airline system in Indonesia

For daily operation, we're using SkyJetline ACARS is an automated PIREP and Operations System. This ACARS is especially made and configured for LGV Operation. SkyJetline ACARS will record your flight data and do automatic flight PIREP to LGV server. What you need to do is simply just put your booking, start flying, and send the report to the server.